Macrodimensional Portal official video

Macrodimensional Portal still shot

Macrodimensional Portal video trailer *Warning, contains flashing images*It is an absolute thrill to have Grebo involved in this release with the video treatments.  Big thanks to Mr. Gray for putting the videos for “Icosahedral Symmetry” and “Macrodimensional Portal”, together!  Grebo absolutely nailed the vibe of these songs. There are two other videos that you can…

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ABERRANT video preview 1.0

It has been a productive few months for me as I am moving to the final stages of two out of the four releases that I will send out into the void of the universe in 2023.  Each of these full-length releases has been imparted with the energy and intention of going beyond what I…

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Harmonic Content

We just finished mastering the new ADDAURA, (pronounced “ah-door-ah) record recorded by Mr. Brandon Fitzsimons at his studio. Fitzsimons did a great job capturing the ambient post-Black Metal framework of the songs. The fact that he recorded an actual grand piano on a Seattle area music college’s campus in a great sounding room further attests…

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