Forgotten Sciences album

Forgotten Sciences

Three more days until this album drops.

“I received my copy today and I’m very excited that this is coming out. I have been working on this project in piecemeal for over two and a half years.  June 23, 2023 will see it released.

This work is special to me because it marks a point in time where I was going through a lot of anxiety and depression.  In fact, the whole theme of this record is about learning to recognize the many facets of egoic harm and coming out on the other side of it all.  I won’t go into the details about these things.  Just know that I remembered who I am as a result of this work.  

I rejoined with a lot of tools that helped me in the past as well as learning new ones along the way.  While the path expands and unfolds, I feel healthier as a result of letting these things out in the form of music and honest words.  Calling out the mental demons and untruths is not an easy thing to do.  To communicate these ideas that are very personal and letting them out into the wild has been an exercise in trusting my true self.  A new level of freedom and openness has come forth as a result and I am glad that I worked through  it.  Of the many things I did; one was to seek a deeper connection to my spiritual life and receive professional counseling to enable discovery of the truth and get to the bottom of the things that have not served me in this journey of life for far too long.  I had no idea how much psychic trauma I was carrying since early in life. Hopefully, with enough practice and work, the past will hold no bearing on my present compass.  This is the way. This is the work. This is the truth.

Things that you can expect to hear on this record:  A lot of synthesizers. Real acoustic drums. Spoken word. Vocal stylings with three and four part harmonies. Fractals of interweaving instruments and voice, both rhythmically and melodically. 

Thanks for all your support throughout the years and especially to those who contributed to this work. I am forever in gratitude to you all.”

– Thomas Andrew Doyle

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“Skies Full Of Coal” from FORGOTTEN SCIENCES

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    Thomas Andrew Doyle’s “Forgotten Sciences” is the ninth solo full-length by the Grunge Grandfather who brought us the bands TAD, the punk aesthetics of HOG MOLLY, and the heavier doom-metal of BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH. In this new release, Doyle flexes his musical prowess yet again with trail-blazing vocal styles in a never-before-utilized way. The result is Forgotten Sciences showcasing his many vocal and multi-instrumental talents. The songwriting and lyrical content delve into the darker side of human existence, yet the underlying message is a positive one.  As the song progresses, one’s sense of time is suspended and gives way to tonal fractals of interwoven rhythms, melodies, and motifs.  Doyle states, “This album is a note to self to stay in the moment and clear of the trappings of time. It is an affirmation that everything important happens in the present moment. Everything is an inside job, and there are no solutions to be found outside our indomitable spirit.”

    Forgotten Sciences Forgotten Sciences is the ninth solo full-length by Doyle who flexes his musical prowess yet again with trail-blazing vocal styles in a never-before-utilized way. The album is available at THIS LOCATION now.