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"Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip", by Hog Molly originally released on CD only, was recorded and produced by the legendary Jack Endino. Some thirteen years later after the seminal recording was released, it has been recently remastered by Tad Doyle himself breathing in new life, sonic girth, and a much needed low-end enhancement and treatment. KFCG is fifteen songs with unique lyrical content ranging from angst-ridden tales of the horrors of living and dying in the modern world, to growing up in rural North America leaving broken families behind, to discovering the meaning of being truly alone in an ocean of people amidst depravity, crime and psychosis.

The music is honest, stripped down, feral ugliness that is undeniably a dirty, noisy, amped up amalgam of working class riffs and rhythms. Songs of blood sweat and spit. Currently, you can get all fifteen songs in any format except vinyl and cassette from the Hog Molly bandcamp here for a limited time for a ridiculously low price.

Hog Molly would wring every last sweaty, greasy, electrifying, brain-blasting note out of their voice boxes, guitars and drums. Formed in 1999 HM toured the US West coast and Midwest before disbanding in late 2001. Hog Molly's members were Tyson Garcia on bass (formerly of Willard and Ditch Witch), Marty Chandler on guitar (formerly of Panic and 50 Paces), Jason Jacobs on drums (formerly of Monster Truck Driver) and Tad Doyle on vocals/guitars (formerly of TAD, H-Hour and Red Set).