Clairvoyant Witness official video

Clairvoyant Witness video trailer

Clairvoyant Witness official video by Thomas Andrew Doyle

Here is the official second video created by Tad Doyle for the new full length Thomas Andrew Doyle LP entitled ABERRANT. The video below is from one of the tracks on the album that released on February 3, 2023. I’m excited to unveil this work which is found below. Grebo Gray did the cover art on ABERRANT and I feel that it completely encapsulates the feeling of the album and gives a visual representation of the song itself. More can be found about Grebo and his artworks on his Facebook page at THIS LOCATION.

Please take a moment and subscribe to Tad’s YouTube channel and watch a few videos HERE AT THIS LOCATION.

ABERRANT is over seventy-five minutes of sonically visceral dark-dirt-drone expression and is available at THIS LOCATION now for bandcamp Friday.