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A Full Service Multi-Track Recording Facility
Witch Ape Studio was built to be a comfortable, creative environment with Tad Doyle as your knowledgeable engineer with over 30 years experience in the recording industry utilizing Universal Audio's Luna, ProTools, Studio One, LogicProX and REAPER. We pride ourselves in taking special care to exceed expectations in sound quality and atmosphere.

Professional Experience and History
Tad Doyle has been making music all of his life and recording music professionally for over 35 years. He has been on both sides of the recording process, as a multi-instrumentalist, who studied classical music and jazz at Boise State University to recording many diverse projects as engineer, mixer and producer, to playing in many bands throughout his career in music. He has been involved in studio recordings and audio production in countless studios including Reciprocal Recording Seattle, Lawson Productions Seattle, Bad Animals Seattle, Studio D in Sausalito, CA, Robert Lang Studios Seattle, Electric Eel Seattle, Avast Studios Seattle, Ironwood Studios Seattle, Smart Studios Madison WI, the Electric Recording Company Chicago as well as BBC 2 London.

Tad has worked with these engineers and producers: Jack Endino, Steve Albini, Billy Anderson, John Agnelo, J Mascis, Chris Hanzsek, Stuart Hallerman. 

Full Service Mastering
For those who want to have their whole project handled from start to finish, Witch Ape offers premium level digital mastering or remastering of your recorded media be it recorded here or at an outside facility. It is always good to have a second set of fresh ears to listen critically and to help make your project shine. Our greatest assets are our ears and ability to detect and hear subtle nuances in the mix that may be overlooked by others. We take your music as personal as you do because we want you to sound your best. We can also offer a few recommendations of competent mastering engineers should you choose.



Greg Bennick

"Tad's true love of music and appreciation for the artists he works with brings out the best performances from me whenever I am at his studio.  Working at Witch Ape always means the potential for immense creative energy."

Blind Mark - ZEKE

“I knew I would have a good experience at Witch Ape Studio with Tad, simply 'cuz I'd heard what he was working on and everything sounded so powerful. But when he tirelessly edited our patchwork of scattered guitar parts and bass/drum takes into viable material, I was seriously thanking God for that guy. Also a great environment to record and mix in.”

James Baker - Rorschach Test

“Tad Doyle has two of the best ears in music, and working with him has made what so many called “impossible” an amazing reality.”

Shane Mehling - Great Falls

"Tad has an incredible ear for what you want and exactly how to get it. He’s happy to sit back or he’ll jump in when you need a fresh, insightful perspective. And, most importantly, every moment he’s working you know Tad truly gives a shit."

Relapse Records

“Northwestern doom titans Yob’s sophomore LP ‘Catharsis’ is finally available again with a deluxe vinyl treatment. ‘Catharsis’ is one of the most colossal American doom metal albums of the last decade from one of the most important bands in heavy music today. Relapse is proud to unveil the long-awaited vinyl reissue of YOB’s sought-after cult classic, ten years after its initial release. Remastered from the original tapes by legendary grunge godfather Tad Doyle, Catharsis sounds heavier and more monstrous than ever.”

Dave Krone -Cycles Of The Damned / Black Bone Exorcism

"Tad maintains a high level of professionalism while making you feel right at home. His engineering abilities are excellent in both listening to direction and adding his own ideas. These attributes help to bring the music into another dimension that sounds both massive and ominous yet keeping the clarity and integrity of the over all production.
That is why we will return over and over again."

Rich DeAvilla - the always & everything

"I sent in a pop track (two fools) to Tad for mix and mastering. He made good suggestions, of which we implemented. The instruments had good separation and the vocals were warm and cut through just right. Tad's mix has nice bottom end, and warmth that is very analog sounding. The final master retained good dynamics and headroom.

I am very pleased with my experience, and am honored to have Tad put his touch on our music. He is a great listener who has the sonic wisdom that comes from decades of being pure, and passionate about his craft. He gets it."

Mike Scheidt

“I had an incredible experience working with Tad Doyle at Witch Ape studio. Tad has a golden ear, and gave everything to help me get the best sounds and performance possible. Highly recommended..”

Scott Masoner -Scott Masoner Music

“As an engineer, Tad knows his gear, the room, and how to work quickly and efficiently.

As a producer, he takes a big picture approach, has great ideas, and intimately understands many different genres. Tad and Witch Ape both come highly recommended, and the work speaks for itself.”

Mischa Kianne -violin and guitar, Megahex / Stoned Evergreen Travelers / Witchburn

“Tad always creates the perfect vibe, that so lovingly nurtures creativity. It's a true joy to get into the music while tracking in a studio setting. This isn’t such an easy vibe to achieve. There’s magic in that place, and it’s no coincidence.

Andrew Ewan McInnis -composer/multi instrumentalist

"Tad has become my favorite engineer to work with. Witch Ape Studio is a very comfortable environment to take your art to and realize it to its full potential. He has become lightning fast working multiple DAW’s and seamless with analog modeling, masterful ears for eq. No matter how strange your music, after a few takes he often knows your music better than yourself, and begins dialing in the mix to near perfection, always ready with helpful suggestions . Very studied and precise mic placements when setting up for drums and amps. He has developed a killer re-amp process which is really ideal if you want that extra control and finesse in your tone. His mixing and mastering really caters to what the artist wants, but often he blows my mind beyond what I thought was possible, I trust him in that regard 100%. The spirit of creativity is strong and beyond beyond with this one! I cherish my excursions into further mapping the abyss sonically with Tad from the helm at Witch Ape, every time!"

Doug Moore of Invisible Oranges

“Reissue of YOB’s out-of-print Catharsis for its tenth anniversary. Tad Doyle’s remastering job sounds great, and it gives us an opportunity to reflect on what makes this album, and this band, so good.”

Chad Remains UZALA

"Recording UZALA's Tales of Blood & Fire with TAD was a brilliant maneuver if I do say so myself. And I do say so! Myself... AHEM. 


TAD is on some chaos wizard level of peace and serenity. 

He was able to interpret my bullshit descriptions of sonic fuckery and turn them into a cohesive record even though I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! 

He extracted crushing tones from a sophmoronic (jepp, new word, folx...) band of suicidally depressed and stressed alcoholics and drug addicts.

The man is a saint and a legend. Killer hugs too!"


Witch Ape Studio uses a secure page for booking with studio time.  You'll need to request the link and password from us.  Click the button below and we'll email you the link and password within 24 hours.


rc = recorded
mx = mixed
ma = mastered
rs = restored
tsfr = transfer from tape

Aaek (rc, mx, ma)
Adrenalin (mx, ma)
Addaura  (ma)
Andalusion (ma)
Army of Dagon  (ma, rc, mx)
Balsa  (rc, mx)
Bazaraba (ma)
Between Earth & Sky  (rc, mx)
Big Trughk  (rc, mx)
Black Bone Exorcism  (rc, mx, ma)
Black Cheer  (rc, mx)

Black Hand Analog  (rc, mx)
Blood Buddies  (rc, mx, ma)
Bob Wayne  (rc, mx)
BrickBats  (rc, mx)
Bridge Farmers (ma)
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth  (rc)
Caligula  (rc, mx)
Catacombs (mx, ma)
Catacombs Froth (rc, mx)
Convictions (rc, mx)
Cozy Slippers (rc, mx)
Cycles Of The Damned (rc, mx, ma)
Dark Matter Noise  (ma)
David K. Frampton  (ma)
Death Cave (rc, mx)
Devil Worshiper  (mx, ma)
DirtClodFight  (mx, ma)
Disemballerina  (mx, ma)
Djinn & Miskatonic (ma)
D.O.G.S. Japan (ma)
Duranged Pitt  (rc)
Eternal Bad  (rc, mx, ma)
Excursion Records  (mx, ma)
False Gods (mx, ma)
Fucked and Bound (mx, ma)

Ganesa  (mx, ma)
Gentle  (mx, ma)
Great Falls  (rc, mx)
Greg Bennick  (rc, mx)
Guest Directors  (rc, mx)
Happy Birthday Secret Weapon  (rc)
He Whose Ox Is Gored  (rc, mx)
Heiress  (rc, mx)
Hollow Earth  (rc)
Iron Cemetery (rc, mx)
John Haughm (rc, mx)
Jeremiah Sand (rc)

Kihalás (rc, mx, ma)
Kings of Cavelier  (rc, mx)
Kleine  (rc, mx, ma)
Kronk Men  (ma)
Labyrinth & The Desert  (rc, mx)
Les Gants  (rc, mx)
Lesbian  (rc)
Lowercase  (ma)
Lucika  (rc, mx)
Lumbar  (rc, mx)

Magnet Men (rc, mx, ma)
Maestus (ma)
Maklak  (mx)
Mico de Noche  (rc)
Mike Scheidt  (rc, mx)
Minor Fret  (rc, mx)
MRSA  (ma)
Mythological Horses  (rc)

Nadir  (rc)
Nerd Table  (rc, mx, ma)
Nosis  (ma)
Ninth Moon Black  (ma)
Olde Ghost  (rc, mx)
Old Kingdom (ma)
Pegadeth  (rc, mx)
Peter Scartabello (ma)
Pillorian  (rc)
Pombagira  (rc, mx)
Prairie Gods  (rc, mx)
Primitive Race  (rc)
Profound Lore Records  (ma)
Randall Dunn (rc)
Rat King  (rc, mx, ma)
Roareth  (rc, mx, ma)
Rorschach Test (rc, mx, ma, tsfr)

Run With The Hunted  (rc)
Samara  (ma)
Searching For Reason (rc, mx, ma)
Shame (mx, ma)
Shotwell (ma)
Sister Psychic (rs, tsfr)
Skies Below (rc, mx)
Sky Shadow Obelisk (ma)
Sorcia (rc, mx)
Somafree Institute (mx)

Spiderface  (ma)
Spine Of Earth  (ma)
Stop Don’t Stop (mx, ma)
SwampheavY  (rc, mx, ma)
Suma  (mx)
Surmiser (ma)
TAD  (rs, mx, ma)
Team Cluster  (ma)
Terminal Fuzz Terror   (rc, mx)
Thac0  (rc, mx)
The Anunnaki  (rc, mx)
The Commonauts  (rc, mx)
The Dead Nobodies (mx, ma)
The Drolls (rc, mx)
The Grand New Wrong  (ma)
The Helm  (rc, mx)
The Insurgence  (rc)

The Maple Forum  (rc, mx, ma)
Theist  (rc, mx)
Thick Syrup Records  (mx)
Thrill Jockey Records  (mx)
Total Isolation  (rc, mx, ma)
Touch Me Satan  (ma)
Uzala  (rc)
Verdun  (mx, ma)
Walking Bombs  (ma)
Weld  (rc, mx, ma)
Witch Bottle (rc, mx)
Woe Monger (rc, mx)
Wolves In Argyle (rc, mx)
X Suns (rc, mx)
YOB  (rs, ma)
Yuggoth Records (ma)
Zeke  (rc)