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Incineration Ceremony Recordings is a digital download only label and is the brainchild of Thomas Andrew Doyle who takes it’s name from the first solo release by said namesake. The label was conceived in 2017 when Doyle wanted to help other musical and non-musical noise-makers have a platform to join with other artists to get their works seen and heard. The idea is that we are stronger together and that we help each other to spread the word about our exploits. “There are a lot of very unique and talented sound-scapes out there that really never get the attention that they are worthy of. Incineration Ceremony Recordings mission and purpose is to be independent, passionate and non-compromising in it’s approach and execution of spreading our tendrils, being a vessel to share what moves us viscerally, intellectually, emotionally, with spirited elements”.

Our collective is available AT THIS LOCATION

Our Mission is to find and help expose the music/non-music that is hunkered in behind doors and walls that a potential talent can bring forth and share their sonic vision, as well as visual representation of whatever it is that they do. Call it art or music for lack of a better description. We hope to find these works and give them exposure as well as a fair compensation for their works. Artists, with the many hours, days and years that have gone into making musical arts find it difficult to be heard. We will endeavor to make a difference and change that together.

Currently we are not accepting demo solicitations. You may contact us here