Harmonic Content

We just finished mastering the new ADDAURA, (pronounced “ah-door-ah) record recorded by Mr. Brandon Fitzsimons at his studio. Fitzsimons did a great job capturing the ambient post-Black Metal framework of the songs. The fact that he recorded an actual grand piano on a Seattle area music college’s campus in a great sounding room further attests to the great tones that were achieved there and in his Airport Grocery Studio. I am so very excited to be a part of this recording.

The last week of January 2014 I have been working on mixes for the new Portland Or. DISEMBALLERINA record.Disemballerina

This is a tender and beautifully dark mix of acoustic guitars, violin, viola and cello. The songs are deeply soulful and heartfelt and right out of the gates rich in harmonic content. The music has somewhat of a chamber music / doom feel to it. This will be their second full length release.

Next up in the first week of February 2014, we have Seattle’s space-doom purveyors SWAMP HEAVY. This trio bring forth an early SLEEP influenced broad stroked, feedback-laden riff tonnage that will have your internal organs dancing from the shear volume and broadness with which they wield their heavy tones. With songs names like “Surfing On Mermaids Blood”, and “Swamp Emperor”, you may think you know what to expect, but you are wrong.