SwampheavY tracking done

Bass thunder chamber - SwampheavY sessionYesterday we finished tracking the new SwampheavY record. This session was done over a course of three consecutive days and all told we tracked six songs start to finish live in our live room with no overdubs with the exception of vocals. The band did in some cases two takes of some of their songs and first takes where used for most of them. The energy was good with a serious vibe that was fun. We still got the work done with good takes and had a blast in doing so.

SwampheavY session drums
These guys were well rehearsed, focused and fired up. Special thanks goes out to my long time friend and fellow audio engineer at Crackle & Pop! studio Mr. Scott Masoner for assisting on day one and two. He made what is usually a one man engineering show a lot quicker and smoother. Thanks Scott.