ABERRANT video preview 1.0

ABERRANT album cover

video preview 1

It has been a productive few months for me as I am moving to the final stages of two out of the four releases that I will send out into the void of the universe in 2023.  Each of these full-length releases has been imparted with the energy and intention of going beyond what I feel that I have achieved in the past.  Taking my ego out of the equation and letting go of projected outcomes on many levels has been a gift unto itself and has been very freeing, not only spiritually but musically as it runs through all aspects of my life.

As a person who has made many more revolutions around our Sol than I care to admit,  I feel like I have been in a bonus round of sorts in this anthropocentric plane since I was in my forties.  Living well beyond the age that I thought I ever would has been terrifying and amazing all in the same breath. Letting go of certain ideas that I have had not only about myself but everything surrounding my experience as a human being has been disencumbering.  Living in this period of time or whatever you want to call this materiality has been a learning exercise with failures-turned-assets for yours truly. I know that I am not alone in these experiences, however, knowing this has provided no comfort. As a wise friend of mine once shared with me, “Feeling uncomfortable doesn’t kill you, but seeking ease and comfort has the potential to be a suicide in and of itself.”

So I step out of my comfort zone to create whatever it is that I create and to let go of whatever I think it should be, not only for myself but for what it is or is not to others. Yes, I have a lot of work to do to be a part of this experience of life and attempt to tame my sarcastic, self-loathing tendencies, and abhorrence for the invasive species that I feel humanity is as a whole. Yet I still move forward and feel compelled to create. 

Here are some screenshots of two separate videos that my friend @f666 (Grebo Gray), and I will be releasing with the new Thomas Andrew Doyle full-length entitled ABERRANT. Grebo also made the cover artwork.  I am very excited to share audio samples and teaser videos in the coming days.