Forgotten Sciences album

Forgotten Sciences Three more days until this album drops. “I received my copy today and I’m very excited that this is coming out. I have been working on this project in piecemeal for over two and a half years.  June 23, 2023 will see it released. This work is special to me because it marks…

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I Am The Raising Power Of The Spirit Of Light And Fire part 1

from the Eternal Nameless album I Am The Raising Power Of The Spirit Of Light And Fire part 1 Thomas Andrew Doyle’s “Eternal Nameless” is a journey through the vastness of dark matter, the depth of human emotions, and the power of music to connect them both. The album, released on Bandcamp, is a testament…

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Macrodimensional Portal official video

Macrodimensional Portal still shot

Macrodimensional Portal video trailer *Warning, contains flashing images*It is an absolute thrill to have Grebo involved in this release with the video treatments.  Big thanks to Mr. Gray for putting the videos for “Icosahedral Symmetry” and “Macrodimensional Portal”, together!  Grebo absolutely nailed the vibe of these songs. There are two other videos that you can…

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ABERRANT video preview 1.0

It has been a productive few months for me as I am moving to the final stages of two out of the four releases that I will send out into the void of the universe in 2023.  Each of these full-length releases has been imparted with the energy and intention of going beyond what I…

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Tad and Pegadeth EP Release

suspended in static

Spend $50 or more and get our new release “Suspended In Static” free instantly with this link: Suspended In Static by: Thomas Andrew Doyle & Pegadeth released June 5, 2022Suspended In Static, although split up into five separate movements, is a full piece of music that is meant to be listened to in its…

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