Astral Communion

I was going through recordings that I did in the early days of Witch Ape Studio and I came across a song that Peggy and I did with our friend Benjamin Rew (Camarosmith, Hoof and others). In early 2009 I played and recorded the drums in our studio, then located in the basement of mine and Peggy’s home on Beacon Hill in Seattle. Peggy laid down some bass and Ben did all the singing and busted through the song and nailed it on the first take, harmonies and all. Sometime later we asked our friend Shepherd Stevenson (Pigmy Love Circus bassist), to lay down a track from his studio in Los Angeles and send us his bass part. So there are two bassists on this song and it is available for FREE download at the link at the bottom of this post.

So the result is that I finally dug out this song and added an organ part and put a mix on the song. Right now we have the song available for a Free “Name your own price” dowload at the Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth bandcamp page: Click Here