Recording projects – January 2013

January is going to be a great month of tracking some old friends and new. Starting off in early January Witch Ape Studio will host a guest engineer Scott Evans (KOWLOON WALLED CITY guitarist – vocalist / TapeOp magazine’s contributing writer) who will be engineering with Tad Doyle the recording of GLOSE, (the band is named after the very entertaining and expressive vocalist  of  BLACK ELK, Mr. Thomas E. Glose) with a debut release slated for 2013. GLOSE, with former members of MADRASO and THE RUBY DOE are a four piece comprised of our mutual friends including Doug Owen (the maker of the Thermionic Effects TE-01 tube overdrive pedal)  and Aaron of  The Ruby Doe. The results of this bands recording should prove intriguing to say the least.


Then at the end of January we are stoked to have UZALA from Boise, ID., come in and record their next record here at Witch Ape Studio with Tad Doyle engineering.  We are excited to be on this new recording journey with Chad Remains  (guitarist and vocals) along with guitarist / vocalist Darcy Nutt, bassist Nick Phit (formerly of  the excellent GRAVES AT SEA as guitarist) and Chuck Watkins (formerly of ANON REMORA) on drums and percussion.