Pombagira / Eagle Twin split LP

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Pombagira recorded their side of the split while in the United States with Tad Doyle at the first location of Witch Ape Studio in a unfinished basement in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. The 20:23 minute track “Dawn of the Black Sun”, was recorded in one day.

Pombagira/Eagle Twin Split "Dawn of the Black Sun" CDThe house was nearly shaken to the ground by the sheer girth and mass of the sound wave emanations from Peter Hamilton-Giles (guitar and voice) and Carolyn Hamilton-Giles (drums). “We really enjoyed being a part of their recording and watching the earth dance outside of the foundation of the house,”-Tad Doyle. Here is a video with audio of the song that we recorded.
Additional Information:
Limited edition of only 500 copies with white splatter on black vinyl. Released date: 6/2010 – Mordgrimm


1. I Come from a Long Line of Dead Men… (Eagle Twin)
2. Blackfoot Messiah/River Girl Song (Eagle Twin)
3. Dawn of the Black Sun (Pombagira)