He Whose Ox Is Gored

I am catching up on all of the bands that have recorded at Witch Ape Studio this week. Although, He Whose Ox Is Gored recorded @ Witch Ape Studio two years ago, I am putting up audio samples of the works that have been completed here. (see below)He Whose Ox Is Gored @ Capitol Hill Block Party

One of the Pacific Northwest most hard working bands spent a few days in Witch Ape Studio recording their second full-length release “Op Amps II – Into The Ethers”. Any band could take a tip from the self-promotional prodigies He Whose Ox Is Gored.

The band comprised of Brian Ox and Lisa Ox as the constants in the band that has had a revolving door of drummers and bass players are a post-hardcore band from Seattle, WA. Tuned low and turned up, OX features heavy guitars and atmospheric synth soundscapes, and have received comparisons to Isis, Torche, and M83.