DeadBaby Downhill 20 w/ Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

dead-baby-downhill-fireA long standing DIY / Punk event like the DeadBaby Downhill 20 after party isn’t your run-of-the-mill type of event.  On Saturday August 6, 2016 Brothers of the Sonic Cloth will be on the main stage playing a set with the first of their series of guest musicians at the DB20. I personally have had the distinct honor and pleasure of playing this event with the bands that I have been involved with over the years. Hog Molly, HOOF and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth have all added their unique foot-print to the DeadBaby legacy. I can’t even begin to imagine how many times I have been afforded the luxury of attending and participating. It is a gathering of the tribe that we LOVE to be a part of.  With bicycle jousting, pedal-powered carnival rides and tons of skate and bike ramps not to mention the dance troupes, it would be a full event just in and of these spokes from the wheel. More importantly, this is an event put together by the punk rock and metal community that spans two decades now. It has grown in size and expanded in both content and spirit.
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Mayhem and rampant alchohol abuse went hand-in-hand with aggressive biking and other shenanigans at the annual Dead Baby Downhill Friday, August 3, 2012, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, Wash.The original Idea of the DeadBaby was to have a place that the bike messenger community and participants of the downhill race could get together in camaraderie and hang out and have a beverage and listen to some live music. Even in the early days of the DeadBaby, it was an event to be reckoned with. Hand picked bands from the Northwest music scene were invited to play the event and the music and art that has participated over the years has been very diverse. From a cappella groups to punk and metal bands and even rogue marching bands with full brass and drum lines can be witnessed and heard. As if that isn’t enough, there are artists represented and a full range of satellite events and hang-outs to get in to. Anyone who says that they are bored with the usual bar show or art happening are highly encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone and at least check this out. Many thanks goes out to all of the Dead Babies, DeadBaby Dave and all of the people who donate their time and energies to continually make this a killer peaceful event year after year.   photo cred: Jordan Stead