NoiseFloor_EP006 Is Live

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NoiseFloor_EP006 Is Live NoiseFloor_EP006 Is Live. Recorded almost a year ago, enjoy this interview with bassist and writer Kurt Danielson.   Enjoy bassist Kurt Danielson on NoiseFloor EP006 If you would like to contribute to keeping the NoiseFloor_ podcast and Witch Ape Studio going, please consider becoming a patron by clicking the “Patron” button below. […]


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SKY SHADOW OBELISK And DJINN AND MISKATONIC Releases Eclectic Three-Song Split Via Yuggoth Records; Full Stream Available Providence, Rhode Island-based one-man project SKY SHADOW OBELISK and Bangalore, India-based DJINN AND MISKATONIC have joined forced to release a three song EP via Yuggoth Records. Formed in 2008, SKY SHADOW OBELISK is composer and drummer Peter Scartabello […]

Incineration Ceremony Recordings logo


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New record label: INCINERATION CEREMONY RECORDINGS Launched New record label: INCINERATION CEREMONY RECORDINGS Launched We are officially launching the new cassette and digital download record label today on Friday the 13th of April 2018.  Incineration Ceremony Recordings is the brainchild of Thomas Andrew Doyle who takes it’s name from the first solo release by said […]

New unreleased TAD vinyl to be released on Record Store Day

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New unreleased TAD vinyl to be released on Record Store Day New unreleased TAD 12 inch vinyl to be released as a Record Store Day Exclusive on 4/21/2018.  Some twenty years after the demise of Seattle grunge-metal forefathers, TAD “Quick and Dirty” will be released on vinyl only on MVD Entertainment and Tad Doyle’s new cassette/digital only […]

Treefort Festival 2018

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Treefort Festival 2018 I am happy to announce that I will be partaking in Treefort Festival 2018 in Boise, ID on Friday March 23, 2018 playing drums in the band that I moved to Seattle with in 1986. H-Hour is comprised of Danny Brown on guitar, John R. Clint on vocals, Darren Peters on bass […]

Winners announced week 1

Subscriber Winners Announced! week 1

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Subscriber Winners Announced Week 1! I forgot to post this on the site here until today. Duh… The start of the holiday season is always a busy time for everybody. I am lucky that I am self-employed and get to work with a lot of people, musicians, artists and bands. Without getting long winded, I […]



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We Are Donating 100% of IC SALES TO NORTHWEST HARVEST We’re donating 100% of the sales of Thomas Andrew Doyle’s INCINERATION CEREMONY from Thurs. Nov. 23 through Weds. Nov. 29 2017. This a really good cause and Northwest Harvest is the only non-profit that supplies food to food banks and those in need. Their goal […]

Contributions Help Creators

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Contributions Help Creators Thank you! Your contributions help creators. To the people who have contributed to our PATREON, we give thanks. Your help, being either spreading the word or giving financially, keeps us working with musicians and artists who would normally not be able to afford these services that we provide. We thank you! You […]

NoiseFloor_ EP004 Jack Endino

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NoiseFloor_ EP004 Jack Endino NoiseFloor_ EP004 Jack Endino Tad Doyle interviews the legendary Grunge producer, musician, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and guitarist Jack Endino. Some of the bands that he has been in include: Skin Yard, Sky Cries Mary, Upwell and Crypt Kicker 5 just to name a few. He has recorded and mixed Melvins, Nirvana, SoundGarden, High On Fire, TAD, Mudhoney and so […]

NoiseFloor_ EP003 J.M. McNulty

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NoiseFloor_ EP003 J.M. McNulty NoiseFloor_ EP003 J.M. McNulty We are stoked to have audio recording & mixing engineer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, poet and friend J.M. McNulty on the NoiseFloor_ podcast. Jeff talks about his experiences, being in multiple bands, recording music and some unexpected tales from the road.  McNulty communicates in comic detail some choice encounters […]