Thank you 2021

Many thanks to all of our 2021 clients and friends!

They are in no particular order:
Witch Mountain
Christopher Thomas
J Donovan Malley
GoodEye – Colby Mockler
Surroundings – Joey Mass
Fucked And Bound
Mythological Horses – Shawn Holley
Wrong-Way Recording – Rob Wrong
Death Of Fire – Tim Kenefic
Ayla Holland – Disemballerina
Black Cheer
OTHO – Andrew Houck
Fundamentally Cynical – Preston Hazzard
Adrenalin – Eric Sechrist
Chad Channing
So Pitted
Smoke It and See – Mark Spiders
Barry Craig – Obol
Jonestown – Jeffrey Lorien
Adam Casto
Used Rugs
Primitive Race – Josh Sinder
Misery Men
Viral Tyrant – Dylan Fields
Datura – Jacob St. John
Fale – Tommy Simpson
Forbidden Place Records – Tony Willis
AR Band – Kent Lake
Rat Sphinx – Stan Lefever
NME – Jeff Tobin
Godzukey – Jonas Briggs
Nerdtable – Adam Casto
Sawtooth Monk – Travis Abbott
Datura – Jake St John
The Deep – Scott Wagner
Viral Tyrant – Dylan Fields
The Tragic Radicals
Default-Land – David Keppel
Misery Men
Stone Deaf
Death On Fire – Tim Kenefic
Veludo – João Santos


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