Wounded Giant formerly known as Dirt Worshiper

Wounded Giant logoWounded Giant just finished up a session @ Witch Ape Studio in April 2012. Wounded Giant are a power-trio from Seattle, formerly known as Dirtworshipper. They like all things psychedelic and heavy and it shows from the songs and riffs that they wield with the katana sword precision of a disciplined Samurai.  Bobby Toxic is a man who uses his voice musically unlike many bands these days who just scream and roar into the microphone to try to impart intensity into the listener’s soundscapes. Toxic instead builds intensity with the help of Alex Bytnar (formerly Galdr) and together they build formidable layers that give hint to their forefathers;  the likes of Sabbath and Hawkwind, with hints of Blue Cheer while retaining a fresh feel and tone that is unmistakeably their own.
Below is a sample of “Lightning Medicine” from their forthcoming “Kiss The Tarantula” EP:
Keep an eye out for Wounded Giant in late June and July for their U.S. Tour in 2012.