Witch Ape Studio celebrating four years – From our basement days to your ears.

It has officially been four years of recording music from a wide variety of bands of diverse genres. We are stoked to have been a part of these recordings and are looking forward to many years to come of sonic sedition and audio soundscapes.
The picture above is a panorama 90 degree image of what the original location looked like. From the humble beginnings of Witch Ape Studios in mid 2008 at the first location in a basement. We recorded Lesbian, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Pombagira, Mico de Noche, Roareth, Tsuga, Requin, Les Gants, Gentle and Touch me Satan. All of the bands with the exception of Lesbian had vinyl and CD releases from their sessions at Witch Ape. All done with SM 57s, 58s and a Beta 52 and a Senn e609 and in much less than perfect acoustic environments. Since then we have grown in our equipment, microphone locker and most importantly, our abilities and techniques.