Witch Ape News

CatharsisTad just finished remastering the YOB classic “Catharsis” and to quote Profound Lore Records, “Listening to the Tad Doyle re-master of YOB “Catharsis” for it’s imminent re-issue. Sounding massive as fuck.”
June saw the new DirtClodFight record being mixed and sent off to be mastered.

July has been busy. Recording and mixing projects with YOB’s Mike Scheidt recording on a couple of projects. Mike just finished up recording vocals for a Townes Van Zandt covers release to be happening at the end of the year with other artists confirmed are Neurosis’ Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till as well as Ken Mode and others to be released on a European label (more info to come).  The tail-end of June also had Mike Scheidt along with Aaron Edge and Tad Doyle working on Aaron’s LUMBAR project to be released on Southern Lord Records. Edge, Scheidt and Doyle came together at Witch Ape Studio to record vocals and other instruments and Tad finished the mixing for the record (more details to follow).