Uzala recording session done

Uzala session 130131.02We just finished a six day tracking session with UZALA from Boise, ID., with Chad Remains (guitarist and vocals) along with guitarist / vocalist Darcy Nutt, bassist Nick Phit (of the excellent GRAVES AT SEA as guitarist) and joined by Chuck Watkins (formerly of ANON REMORA and currently EPHEMEROS and GRAVES AT SEA) on drums and percussion.


IMG_Uzala session 130131.03We recorded five songs written with a lot of heart and soul and I am sure that we captured the spirit of the music and the people who created it. Uzala are a good bunch of people and it was really fun getting to know them better. We are actually kind of sad that the session had to end but we now have life long friends that are welcome back anytime. So, the five completed works will be prepared to send to Mell Dettmer to mix and master it at her Studio Soli. The band and I excited to hear the treatment that she will give the songs. More on this later.