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BROTHERS SHOW PREVIEW Following up their devastating set in early August at the Dead Baby Downhill 20 After-party in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood The Brothers of the Sonic Cloth have heralded the addition of multi instrumentalist Andrew McInnis to add atmospheric glaciers of resonance and texture.  The Brothers are announcing what is to be their last show of the […]


Doomed & Stoned compilation

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Doomed & Stoned in Washington State is out. “Free Name Your Own Price” download of 52 songs of the Pacific Northwest’s finest current underground bands. Of special note is that we recorded, mixed and/or mastered these selections: (28) Pegadeth – Odour of Sanctity (5) Brothers of the Sonic Cloth – Live at Tractor Tavern (21) […]


VERDUN – “The Eternal Drift’s Canticles”

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Arisen in 2011 from the fertile scene of Montpellier, France, VERDUN made a name in the realm of slow and heavy music on the basis of a simple three-tracks demo, leaving a strong impression on every witness of the band’s thunderous live shows. With a line-up solidified after a few european tours and opening slots […]

2015 Witch Ape Studio Releases

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2015 was a really good year. I worked on twenty records of which some of these I recorded and/or mixed and/or mastered. Almost half of these artists we have worked with previously. We want to thank all of these bands and artists for having me work on their music with them. Here is the list: Addaura Army […]


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Tad at Witch Ape Studio is currently working on mastering for vinyl and digital a release of the second album from Portland, Oregon acoustic chamber doom ensemble Disemballerina. Recorded at Type Foundry Studio in Portland by the talented Jeremy Romagna, this recording finds these musicians pouring forth some deeply heart-felt arrangements and performances. The forthcoming […]


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HEIRESS “OF GREAT SORROW” FULL LENGTH STREAMING Recorded and mixed by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio and released by The Mylene Sheath on Feb. 18, 2015 on Vinyl, CD and digital download. All the details can be found below… Heiress‘ bone-shattering new full length, ‘Of Great Sorrow‘, which was engineered, recorded and mixed by […]

Submarine Bass Fuzz

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I love effects pedals, tone shaping and the mangling of audio signals. I still have an original Arbiter Fuzz Face, a Maestro Fuzztain and the old school op amps version of the Little Big Muff as well as the original Big Muff Pie and other overdrives and distortion pedals too numerous to list, (or that […]

Disemballerina mixed and mastered

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Disemballerina mixes are done and we are finished mastering them for digital release and vinyl to be released soon with GRACELESS RECORDINGS. You can listen and download their record below. Disemballerina will be touring the west coast mid-AUGUST of this year (2014) — Seattle, Olympia, Portland, Eugene, Oakland. Click here for more info on the […]

SwampheavY record

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The SwampheavY recording is officially done and is avaialable as a digirelease on bandcamp. We tracked this live in the live room at Witch Ape and then overdubed vocals. Stoked for these guys. Please support and feel free to repost in copious amounts. Keep an eye out for these guys and look for a fuzz […]