SKY SHADOW OBELISK And DJINN AND MISKATONIC Releases Eclectic Three-Song Split Via Yuggoth Records; Full Stream Available

Providence, Rhode Island-based one-man project SKY SHADOW OBELISK and Bangalore, India-based DJINN AND MISKATONIC have joined forced to release a three song EP via Yuggoth Records.

Formed in 2008, SKY SHADOW OBELISK is composer and drummer Peter Scartabello (Waragi, Anechoic, Hogg, Taming Butterflies). Drawing from influences as far-reaching as doom metal, ‘70s progressive rock, modern classical, and the Italian High Renaissance, SKY SHADOW OBELISK‘s sonic landscape alternates between visceral density and melodic romanticism. The lyrical content explores western civilization’s decline and imminent collapse.

DJINN AND MISKATONIC was forged in 2011. Amidst the ruined cottages and decadent towers of a slumbering city, a hardy band of minstrels ply their lugubrious trade, playing their songs for the delectation of arachnoid spinners, phlegmatic lizards, and metalheads who’ve sworn a black oath to abide by the Sabbath. Influenced by ye aforementioned Sabbathoid conventicle as well as numerous illustrious heretic sects such as Electric Wizard, Reverend Bizarre, Acid Bath, and other lost down-tuned brethren, DJINN AND MISKATONIC preach the end-time revelations of the riff in a world that was doomed from the start. In Life Condemned; In Doom Transcend.

Together the bands have united for an eclectic, thirty-minute long split mastered by Tad Doyle (TAD, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Hog Molly) at Witch Ape Studios/Skyway Audio in Seattle, Washington.

The digital version of the SKY SHADOW OBELISK and DJINN AND MISKATONIC split is available now and streaming via the Yuggoth Records Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

The record is available on limited edition green and orange hazed vinyl. To order, visit THIS LOCATION.

Track Listing:
2. DJINN AND MISKATONIC – Empress Of The Sands Of Time
3. DJINN AND MISKATONIC – Through Engines Within

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