Olde Ghost recording finished and mixed at Witch Ape Studio

Olde Ghost just finished their debut recording at Witch Ape Studio with Tad Doyle recording and mixing.
Formed in May 2010, Olde Ghost is a post hardcore punk rock band from Seattle, WA. We are all vegan and our priority as a band is to create honest, fun and meaningful music.Olde Ghost by Rebecca Bolte
We’ve also made it a priority to “give back to the community” by supporting non-profit organizations, causes and folks out there who are making a difference and creating a positive impact in our world. Olde Ghost primarily plays benefit shows and the money we make is donated to those organizations and efforts we support. Over the past year and a half we have donated our earnings to organizations such as the Precious Life Animal Sanctuary, the CAIR Project, Pasado’s Safe Haven,One Hundred for Haiti as well as several benefits to support the work our friends are doing at the DIY venue the Black Lodge.

Musically, Olde Ghost draws influences from many of the DC area bands from the 80’s & 90’s as well as from many more contemporary hardcore bands. A few bands that have influenced us include 108, Black Flag, Quicksand, Refused, Rites of Spring, Soulside, Swiz and Verbal Assault. In addition, there are a lot of non-music related influences that have shaped this band. The environment, the history of oppression, the natural world and its non-human inhabitants, personal situations & interactions and current issues influence them and drive them to make they music they make.