Noise for the Needy Festival

BotSC Tour Poster 2011On June 9, 2012 the Bros. will play the NFTN Festival 2012. This is a festival set up to raise funds for the Seattle Community Law Center. Although the bands are playing essentially for free and the funds are being allocated for a worthy cause, please don’t forget to support the bands. BotSC will have limited edition T-Shirts for sale along with a very limited run of the last tour poster designed by Sean Schock and screen printed locally in a Limited Edition run of 60 (there are less than 20 left) by Concuss Creations in Seattle (please support).

We are almost out of the BotSC T-Shirts. This will be a special TAD Monster Truck shirtevent just by the virtue of bringing so many great bands together from Seattle and other cities. BotSC will also bring out a surprise during their set. There will be an old school t-shirt design by Peter Bagge of the artwork with the TAD Monster Truck design for sale as well and in even more limited quantities (10 shirts, first come first serve). This will be a chance for fans to get a piece of TAD history that hasn’t been available for 23 years.