News 4/16/2013

There are a few things happening around here. Firstly, tracking and mixing is done for the CALIGULA record, and words cannot express how much I love this band. We  just finished up the Caligula mixes a couple of nights ago here at Witch Ape Studio. You have no idea how killer this record is going to be. Being stoked is an understatement. Mr. Austin Hugill (drummer for Caligula) is so much of a force of nature that drum heads and cymbals cower in his presence. In other words, great job Austin! Be looking for more info from the Caligula facebook.

Secondly, the new DirtClodFight, who you may remember from Al Flipside’s  Flipside fanzine and record label from 20 plus years ago, have a new five song record in the can and Tad Doyle is currently putting the final touches on their album entitled “The Main Sequence” which purportedly chronicles the birth, life and death of a star such as our sun Sol. This album will be rich in texture and mood and will feature some guest musicians including YOB‘s Mike Scheidt and others. More to come from the DirtClodFight facebook.

Thirdly, and not the least of which is the news about Brothers of the Sonic Cloth being asked to join a few other bands you may have heard of to play a show.

BotSC will be joined by ex-TAD guitarist, Gary Thorstensen to play a few songs from the band TAD‘s God’s Balls, Salt Lick and 8-Way Santa records and then will also play a few new BotSC songs as well in celebration and in honor of the Sub Pop record label’s 25th Silver Jubilee. The SP25 will take place in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood on Saturday, July 13, 2013 . This is not a TAD reunion in any shape or form nor will there likely ever be one but fans of the band TAD and people who missed them while the band was together will have the opportunity to catch some of the old songs.

Additionally, BotSC are currently putting a few final touches on their own debut full release, tentatively titled “Empires Of Dust” and will be finished and ready to hand over to our mixing engineer if I ever get off of my ass and take care of the last details for the Bros debut. We will have enough material to release a double gate-fold vinyl album. Details to follow soon.

And finally, Mr. Jon Pettibone will be entering Witch Ape next week to finish vocals on the next Heiress record and Denver’s doom lords Royal Talons begin tracking their next full length at the end of the month.

Please help our friend and ex-BotSC drummer Mr. Aaron Edge who has been diagnosed with MS. He is currently residing in Portland Oregon with his lovely wife and is undergoing a living hell of medical procedures and excessive medical bills. Go to: HERE for more info and to donate via PayPal. Thanks in advance!

P.S. Please send positive thoughts and actions to Aaron and to our friends and families in Boston.