Guest Directors debut

What?……. We almost forgot! The debut recording for Guest Directors “These Beautiful Things (EP)” is finished.  We had a lot of fun capturing the energy and musicianship of this band. People who are familiar with Gary Thorstensen‘s guitar work will want to give this a listen. Recorded and mixed right here at Witch Ape Studio by Tad Doyle and mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering.

After about a year of denial Guest Directors decided they were actually a band and decided to accept their fate and now they are happy to announce the release of their first single, “These Beautiful Things”, from the 4-song EP of the same name (to be released this summer).

The band started as a casual side project between members of current Seattle bands The Navins, Mutiny Mutiny and These People Here. As collaborations turned into songs, long-time guitarists stepped up to singing roles and a sound started developing. Elements of post-shoegaze rock, dream pop, power pop and noise all make an appearance, but the songs don’t fit easily in a specific genre. Self described as sounding like: raindrops beating up evergreens.

For fans of: spooky soulful music, guitar interplay, female vocals, effects pedals, fireflies, alien blips and elliptical distortion fog. More songs to come. You can visit their facebook page HERE.