Get into Incineration Ceremony NOW!

Get into Incineration Ceremony NOW!

Incineration Ceremony is a beautiful, stuttering piece of work, often bordering on genius, that’s as far removed from the turned up and tuned down amplification of Doyle’s daily job as it is musically possible to be. It is more akin to the grand orchestral majesty of a hallucinogenic soundtrack to the history of individual evolution, if said history had been transformed into a cinematic odyssey by Franz Kafka. And it is remarkable…
–Mass Movement magazine UK

“Yes, it’s cinematic in scope and invention but so was Helot, nearly (gulp) 30 years ago. Sure, there are more overt jazz influences than before, though the cohesion of unruly time signatures and challenging timbres is not a new thing for TAD in any sense. DOYLE, thankfully, is as brave and uncompromising as ever, in this, potentially the best thing you’ll hear all year.”
– Reprobate Magazine UK

“The unsettling environment birthed in Incineration Ceremony is unnervingly sophisticated and hauntingly probing. DOYLE’s well-conceived and executed compositions reveal endless archetypes fleeing, battling, embracing, and questioning life’s thirsty end. Enjoy the scars.”
– Northwest Music Scene

“Cantankerous piano clusters spar with dripping-icicle high notes and sporadic kick-drum explosions, all keeping you on a glorious knife-edge of anticipation and dread. Straight up, Incineration Ceremony is one of the biggest and best surprises of the year, and if it doesn’t lead to Doyle getting some legit film-scoring gigs, I’ll emit some very loud tsk-tsks.”
– The Stranger SLOG

““Meditations In Null” is a dark, triumphant mind scramble, while the frantic yet aligned pace of “Desire” will hold you gently and cradle you in its dark embrace. At times while listening, I felt like I was at the end of my rope, like I was taking my last breath, constantly looking over my shoulder to see if the end was near. I do not want to give away any more details about the wonderful music on this record, so I’ll leave it at that.”–