FREE limited download for the next 7 days

BOTSCdemo2009CoverSmall.jpgThis will be the last week to get Brother of the Sonic Cloth “demo 2009”, and “Fires Burn Dim in the Shadows of the Mountan”, tracks for FREE. Then they’re gone for good. Get it here while you can.

There is also a collaborative one off project with Tad and Pegadeth from BotSC doing a song with a couple of friends from Los Angeles who also play on the song. Written and recorded by Tad in a basement in Seattle in 2009 at the first location of Witch Ape Studio and mixed and mastered in 2012 by Tad at the new location of Witch Ape. Here you can download this track as well for FREE. This track will also be removed in the next week so get Astral Communion while it is still available. Enjoy.