BotSC Split 10" vinyl release to come by Halloween 2009

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth are announcing plans to do a split 10″ vinyl release with their friends Mico de Noche. The split 10″ release is slated to start recording in July for the Brothers at Witch Ape Studio and for Mico de Noche at Temple Sound in Port Orchard, WA with Tony Reed in his studio. We are hoping to have this record ready for consumption as early as September 2009. Tentative release date for the split is slated for 10/31/2009, that’s Halloween MF’s! Brothers of the Sonic Cloth / Mico de Noche 10" Split

BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH / MICO DE NOCHE 10″ Split  Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, led by Seattle music legend Tad Doyle (TAD, Hog Molly), has joined with fellow Pacific Northwest heavies Mico de Noche and Violent Hippy Records to bring you a very limited (500 copies) debut vinyl release.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth fill Side A with over 12 minutes of epic riffage in the form of “Fires Burn Dim in the Shadows of the Mountain”. At turns bludgeoning, charging, and psychedelic- Doyle and bandmate Peggy Tully on bass (Inciting Riots, NoiseGod) take the listener on a cinematically aural journey to Doomsville. Imagine a tribe of cro-magnon nomads inventing not the wheel, but giant loud-ass tube amps and finding alien blueprints for some pre-Bonham set of mammoth Ludwigs. Recorded by Tad at Witch Ape Studio, you could say it’s heavy- and you’d be right.

Mico de Noche drop two audio bombs on the B side- “Ganges” and “Misanthrope”.  Ripping and throbbing through themes of death and hate (metal?!?!?!), the Northwest’s best kept secret unleash chooglin’, galloping sludge like it was your goddamn birthday. Formed in 2001, the duo of Donovan Stewart and Mike Clam have expanded Mico de Noche in recent years to include Chad Baker (bass) and Reno Dave (drums). Reno Dave is actually from …wait for it RENO. Tony Dallas Reed (Stone Axe, Mos Generator) captured the band’s angst and joy at Temple Sound in Port Orchard, WA- should you damage your plums while moshing around the kitchen to these tracks, let Tony know how it feels.

A record release show is set for 10/10/09 at Seattle’s Comet Tavern. BOTSC and MdN will be joined by Madraso and Black Elk.