The Bros have been working a second guitarist into the tribe for up and coming live shows. The broham is question is a good friend that we have worked with in the past in other Seattle area bands such as Pegadeth, Aphiskkyu-Bot, Requin, Roareth, Don PeyoteThe Mark Sparkles and Scyphozoa.

Pamela Sternin

Pamela Sternin photo cred: Invisible Hour

We are pleased to announce that we are adding a second guitarist and welcome our close friend Pamela Sternin into our live sets for the upcoming shows.  Pamela will be with us for our upcoming U.S. West coast tour (dates and locations to be announced soon), as well as our upcoming European tour for summer festivals (dates and locations to be announced soon).

Pamela talks about what she is up to currently:
“My life achievements are serving and supporting my musical community for years through being involved in bands, writing for the Seattle Passive Aggressive and volunteerism. I can also touch my tongue to the tip of my nose.”