Australian Bushfires | How you can help

We are sure that you are aware of the complete devastation and destruction that the Australian Bushfires have caused. Australian bushfires 2020
These fires have inflicted serious consequences.  Our planet is dying due to global warming and other factors manmade.  Top scientists have say that it is crucial and of grave importance that we make a change. We are quickly reaching the point of no return and WE MUST do the right thing NOW.

Animal species are dying off at an alarming rate because of what humans have done for hundreds of years to our precious environment here on Earth.  Millions, literally millions of life forms here on what we call home, are estimated to be extinct in this decade alone.  We can’t keep going on and turning a blind eye to the truth.  We, all of us, need to help and take action.  Incineration Ceremony Recordings and our artists have decided to contribute 100% of our sales to Animals Australia between January 15 through January 31, 2020 in an effort to make a difference. We need your help to be of service to these animals. Here is what we can do together to help the victims of the Australian Bushfires:


Purchase these INCINERATION CEREMONY RECORDINGS artists releases, many of which are free name-your-own-price. We will donate 100% of all sales to Animals Australia no help the most innocent victims of the bushfires. These animals need and deserve our help. Don’t you agree?

List of artists participating in bushfire relief efforts:

Cycles Of The Damned bandcamp
Wolves In Argyle bandcamp
Hog Molly
Thomas Andrew Doyle