3 Minute Mix Tip #1

Here is the first in a series of 3 Minute Mix Tips.

I will put these up every now and then in the hopes to share my experience with recording and mixing audio. I aim to make these short and to the point videos and tips of things that are related to music production in digital audio work stations as well as analog signal paths. I will be sharing tips on how to setup and use different plugins, DAWs, microphones, preamps as well as various techniques both in the DAW and in the live room. My goal is to share many different recording techniques to get the best results for the songs and your client and the listeners.

In these tutorials, I will cover how to organize your sessions from pre productions on through to delivering finished professional results to the client and everything in between. Check back often and please to subscribe to the Witch Ape Studio youtube channel and like and comment with your observations, questions and experience. I hope that together we will become more effective in what we do. Thanks for watching.

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