Welcome to the new TAD DOYLE site

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Brothers live 2011

Brothers live 2011Welcome to the new and improved site.
We are working on getting the debut Brothers record done and will have it finished by mid-2012.
In the meantime we will be putting up video and audio of older stuff.
We are also going to have merchandise, shirts, mp3s and vinyl available.
You can always visit us on facebook.
New stuff coming soon.

4 Responses to "Welcome to the new TAD DOYLE site"
  1. Scotty says:

    Just wanted to say hi and give ya’ll a fuckin’ high five via the internet. Listening to “Inhaler” right now as I struggle with a graphic design project – and other life shit. The vibe from these tunes – the lyrics, the guitar tones, the tightness of the band – are about the only getting me through. It’s important that you know that your music means something to people. Just thought I’d share that with you…all the way from New York City!

  2. Site Manager says:

    Thanks Scotty!

  3. jim Brooks says:

    hey im trying to put together a complete TAD Discography, i have a little from a few albums, is there any way you could hook me up with a link that could give me access to all of your music, for purchase? i would really appreciate , i am a product of the late 80’s and 90’s puget “”sound”” , (i wont call it grunge) absolutley have to have your collection,,

  4. Site Manager says:

    Thanks Jim, we are working on the record label Sub Pop and they have mentioned that they may re-release the entire TAD back catalog but it hasn’t seemed to materialize yet. Please feel free to give them a shout about this. Here is the email address: info@subpop.com

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