New show announced pt. 2

BotSC promo picOn Sunday April 13, 2014 BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH will be playing a show at The Northern located at 414 1/2 Legion Way, Olympia, WA  along with Old Iron, Big Red Sun and Mercenaries. This will be an all ages event.

Also, the day before on Saturday April 12, 2014 BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH will be participating in the S.E.S Presents BLEAK OUTLOOK Vol. 2 in Tacoma which is a three day DIY-all ages event.

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One Response to New show announced pt. 2

  1. So, I’m thinking about my beloved Seattle and Portland and start surfing the Net for what’s new. I come accross something about Geoff Tate, get sick, and run to the BOTSC website. Safe. Almost puked all over my keyboard.

    I find myself in New England and wish like hell to be back in Washington so I could catch your shows. Looking forward to your CD release. Have all your demos. Keep my earphones bouncing between Tad, Melvins, and BOTSC for the last three weeks.

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